DVSAC is Rebranding this Summer…


is rebranding this Summer…

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At DVSAC, we seek to lift our community beyond all forms of interpersonal violence by engaging the community, empowering individuals, and reducing violence through prevention.

This rebranding aligns more closely with our goal of providing support for families and building healthy relationships in the community while offering services for survivors of interpersonal violence. The focus is  solution-oriented and creates a positive message. Services include resources for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and expand into fields like human trafficking, bullying, child and elder abuse and promoting healthy relationships. The new name, Community Beyond Violence, will be official this Summer.  

The rebranding efforts go hand in hand with the agency’s new structure of shared leadership. Increasingly, non-profits are looking to restructure their organizations to practice shared leadership, in which the top level of executive leadership is shared internally by two or three people, rather than a sole Executive Director. In August 2016, DVSAC’s Board of Directors decided to make the shift to this de-centralized organizational model. Three staff members fill the shared leadership positions — Stephanie Fischer as the Director of Outreach & Development, Nancy Ramsey as the Director of Programs, and Nancy Bassett as the Director of Finance. The Board has found this to be a successful way to engage more staff in leadership and  decision-making.  The goal is to strengthen the role of the organization in the community and promote partnerships in building a movement for progressive social change.


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